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// My Review on Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttercreme//

My Review: Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttercreme

I have a little son named Jahleel that this gorgeous 3b textured hair (I don’t know where he got this hair from lol) his hair gets tangled easily and he hates for me to even touch his hair but I must care for his hair. So one of my clients told me how ,much she love Miss Jessie’s product and that I should give the Baby Buttercreme a try. So I did…

The price: Beauty Island $19.99
Not bad because a little bit of the product goes a long way. Im only using it on my son so it’ll be some time before it runs out.

Smell: The smell is perfect to me for children. Everyone that holds him always ask me what i put in his hair. its kind of a rich coco- vanilla scent and its not overbearing but it linger for a LONG time even after I wash his hair.

Texture: its rich creme works perfect on his wet hair preferably after a bath.

My Technique: I would wash his hair twice. Apply the product sparingly all over hi head. then gently (GENTLY) part his hair and use a wide tooth comb to comb out the kinks and two strand twist as I go ( that is ALL my child would let me do before he has a fit)

I take them out the next day and let him rock his curly FRO

Give us something to talk about Jilly from PHILLY

Give us something to talk about Jilly from PHILLY

Ciara Debuts Faux Locs! Chic or NOT

Ciara Debuts Faux Locs! Chic or NOT

// Do you know your HAIR TYPE?//

Most women I know don’t know anything about their hair type when they go natural. I think its a really good thing to know and understand because it can help you manage your hair better. 

I’m a 4A! Which one are you?

AJ Crimson loves DC event at Taylor and York salon

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Steve & Erin’s Wedding (x)

”Hey Erin, do you know this guy named Steve?” ”You know, that cool Asian kid? Well, he really likes you”.   - Kiara Hall

  These words, (unbeknownst to me) would be the prelude to my very own love story. I was 11 years old when my friendnestled up to me in class and whispered this in my ear. I had little idea who Steve was; neither did I care to explore. Provoked by my silence, my friend leaned over and said “Ill give you $5 if you go out with him for a day, just give it a try”. 

   Five dollars can get an 11-year-old kid just about anything they wanted from the lunch line, so I agreed. Lunch time came around, and my over zealous friend completely instructed every moment our awkward lunch date: “Come on guys, hold hands”, “Smile for the camera”, “you guys should be sitting closer together”.   Needless to say, Steve and I swiftly broke things off after lunch. 

   The years passed. By the time we entered high school our relationship had morphed into a casual friendship scored by our silly decision to date in the 7th grade. Steve would call me for two things only: help with homework or to get his hair braided, and this was the extent of our friendship. No more. No less. Our senior year of high school brought about many changes. A close friend of ours passed, and with his absence a need for fellowship was formed. Friends of ours gathered everyday after school to keep each other uplifted. However as the school year progressed, and after school activities prevailed, Steve and I found ourselves hanging out after school alone. ( I believe this was when God began to move in on Steve and I )

Steve began to behave very strangely during this time. He would gift me flowers and take me ice-skating. I wasn’t sure what was happening to our unspoken rule that we were strictly  friends. The rule characterized from our failed attempt at dating in the 7th grade, nevertheless, I continued to spend time with him. Mostly because I felt comfortable in his presence, and partly because…Steve had game.  Yes I said it! It took me by complete surprise; Im a sucker for adventure and he was dripping with spontaneity. What girl doesn’t like roses just because or blind folded dates to Build-A-Bear.

One Friday in December of 2005 ,he asked me to date him. I paused.  Hmmm…Steve has always been a man of great character, a man that was led by God, and his love for God was amazing even at the age of 17. He was also pretty cute. I had no good reason to say no, so I took the leap of faith and said yes.  LOL. I. Said. Yes.  There in Steve’s living room, at the age of 16, I made one of the best decisions for my life.

…I’ve said yes to Steve ever since without regret and I can’t wait to say yes to him for the final time on September 7th. God is good.

PoC in love

makes my heart sing

This is beautiful. They are beautiful. Beautiful people being beautiful to each other. I think my heart just exploded.


Aww they’re relationship is beautiful LOVE IS LOVE
NO color
NO race
NO shape
NO size

The BEST PROM DRESS I’ve seen lately… Makeup by me

Prom series 4 

Ibukun from upper Marlboro, md 
Makeup by Jackie of Soul Chic Boutique

Prom series 4 

Ibukun from upper Marlboro, md
Makeup by Jackie of Soul Chic Boutique

By far
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